Our Approach
Our mission is to strengthen children and families with skills, opportunities, and emotional support to build healthy, successful lives.


We believe in a world where every family has the tools to raise emotionally and physically healthy children, every child thrives, and together they contribute to strong, vibrant communities.

We believe that every child has the right to be happy and secure. We know that healthy family and community relationships are essential to a child’s success, and that poverty, trauma, and the hardships of immigration can threaten a child’s development.

We can strengthen children by increasing their resilience. By learning to build on their assets, children become capable and confident.

We can prevent lifelong suffering by identifying and treating abuse, neglect, and emotional challenges—and by preventing problems before they begin.

We know that with the right skills, education, counseling, and development programs, children can reach their full potential.


To achieve these goals, we work in five main program areas: behavioral health (including both individual and family counseling); early childhood education; health homes and integrated care; child abuse prevention and family support, and youth development.

We take a holistic approach, realizing that children don’t grow in isolation, but rather as a part of families and communities, and we offer services that support each child’s whole cognitive, social-emotional, and physical well-being as the building blocks for a healthier society. We also offer programs that serve parents and other caregivers so that they become able to handle challenges on their own.

We provide all services in a culturally sensitive manner, in 22 different languages and in a way that appreciates the nuances and potential barriers of intercultural communication.

We hold ourselves accountable. We collect data, measure outcomes, and use methods that are proven to make a real difference. We collaborate with communities and like-minded organizations on proven solutions.

We educate policymakers, funders, and thought leaders about the needs of children and families, and advocate for positive change. Together with the people we serve, we can create real opportunities for health, happiness, well-being, and growth.

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