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About Us

Our Mission

The Child Center of NY strengthens children and families with skills, opportunities, and emotional support to build healthy, successful lives.

box1-bhealth Founded in 1953 as a children’s counseling center in Queens, The Child Center of NY has become a powerful community presence throughout the city. With nearly 70 locations in NYC’s toughest, most under-served communities, our 1,000 results-oriented professionals are making a difference for more than 35,000 children and their families.

We know that with the right skills, education, and emotional support – tools that we provide — children of any background can build a happy, healthy, and fulfilling future.

Our Program Areas

We serve children from birth to adulthood with effective, innovative programs in five critical areas:


Our Approach

The Child Center takes a holistic approach, supporting each child’s cognitive, social-emotional, and physical well-being. If a child is failing in school, we do more than provide tutoring—we get to know the child’s family, school environment, and place in the community. We also support the entire family and community, providing services for parents and other caregivers, and offering our programs right in the communities where they are needed most. Our staff collectively speak nearly two dozen languages and understand the challenges our clients face.

We take a collaborative approach. By working with other organizations and leaders, we extend our reach exponentially and ensure each child gets the right kind of support.

Our approach is data-driven. We rigorously measure and track our progress, using methods proven to make a difference. We then leverage this data to create replicable models for success. This is a key reason why we frequently are called upon to advise on utilizing metrics to improve outcomes.

Our Results

The children we see at The Child Center are up against incredible challenges. Parents often work long hours, do not speak or read English, and struggle with extreme poverty. Our comprehensive approach helps turn even the roughest start into a bright path where our children can compete and succeed.

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