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Cash+Community Works is a neighborhood-based initiative empowering under-resourced communities in NYC. Our goal is to help families make positive changes in their lives and community. This is accomplished through peer-driven support, individualized goal planning, and direct cash assistance. We believe families know what’s best for themselves, and our mission is to invest in their strengths, ingenuity, and collaborations.

How it works:

  • Families commit for an 18-month period and meet regularly with a neighborhood-based peer network and a Child Center Family and Community Liaison.
  • We provide $3,600 in unrestricted cash incentives ($200/month for 18 months) to support families' financial and wellness goals.
  • Families document spending, access resources, and receive crowdfunding support via our Mutuality Platform.
  • Participants can also apply for grants to support goals such as establishing a business or attending school.
  • At the end of the 18 months, we provide an $800 incentive to transition families to independence.
  • Families agree to continue using our Mutuality Platform and meet with their peer network to share progress and data for an additional 18 months.

Families in C+C benefit from:

  • Peer Network Support Families are part of peer networks, based on their neighborhood, which meet monthly to support each other and share resources.
  • Cash Infusion Families receive unrestricted cash incentives for providing monthly data related to goal-setting activities.
  • Data-Backed Support Participants use our Mutuality Platform to document and reflect on spending and progress.


  • Income Level C+C is for low-income families.
  • Where you Live Participants must live in or close to one of the following neighborhoods: Elmhurst/Corona, Far Rockaway, or East Harlem.
  • Commitment to Community Participants will be expected to create groups with fellow members of their community, support each other, and bring in new participants—building a stronger community for all.

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