The Child Center of NY’s Compliance Program

The Child Center of NY (“TCCNY”) is a human services organization committed to the highest standards of integrity and transparency in doing business. In carrying out TCCNY’s mission, it is crucial that we comply with all legal and ethical obligations while providing the highest quality programming to the communities we serve. To this end, TCCNY conducts its business in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and other directives of the federal, state, and local governments and agencies. It is TCCNY’s goal to maintain the highest level of professionalism with an emphasis on transparency and quality care.

As part of our ongoing commitment to embody and promote the highest ethical standards, we have established a comprehensive Compliance Program. TCCNY’s Compliance Program establishes compliance policies and procedures and sets forth the standards of conduct that all agents, subcontractors, independent contractors, officers, governing body, and corporate officers (“Affected Individuals”) are expected to follow in their course of dealings with or on behalf of TCCNY. This Compliance Program shall apply to the participation, conduct, and activities of Affected Individuals to the extent their participation, conduct, or activities affect TCCNY’s operations. TCCNY expects and upholds a complete and total commitment to its Compliance Program by all Affected Individuals.

TCCNY’s mission is to help children and families throughout New York City build a strong foundation for the future. The Compliance Program helps to further this mission by promoting adherence to laws, regulations, and the agency’s internal policies. It is also designed to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in the delivery of our services.

The Child Center of NY’s Compliance Officer is responsible for implementing the program and can be reached at 718-651-7770. While we encourage and prefer direct communication with our Compliance Officer, you may also call our Compliance Hotline at 844-293-5626. Should you want your name to be held in confidence, we will honor your request. You may also lodge your concerns anonymously.

Linked below is TCCNY’s Compliance Plan, last updated in May 2024, which outlines in detail TCCNY’s comprehensive Compliance Program.

Read the Compliance Plan

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