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Our Results

Our work is guided by a deep commitment to results-based accountability. We rigorously measure and track our progress, using methods proven to make a difference. Here are the results several of our programs recently achieved:

Escalera Head Start Program

By spring:

  • 100% of 4-year-olds met or exceeded widely held expectations for social-emotional development, up from 29% in the fall.
  • 100% of 4-year-olds met or exceeded widely held expectations for cognitive development, up from 29% in the fall.

WIOA Program


low-income workforce development participants graduated high school; 80% went on to college; and 10% were offered employment at the locations where we placed them to intern and work during the school year.

Youth and Family Justice and Child Welfare Program

For teens at high-risk of out-of-home placement,98%of clients were able to remain with their families.


95% increase in children engaging in developmentally appropriate tasks
64% increase in positive parenting interactions

Elmhurst Preventive Program

99%success rate in preventing re-abuse or neglect six months after treatment.

August Martin
High School

24% graduation rate in 2015
92% graduation rate in 2020


Children served since 1953

Home-Based Crisis
Intervention Program

For youth at serious risk of psychiatric hospitalization, 96.15% were able to be maintained in the community without the need of hospitalization or a higher level of care.

Health Home Program

Out of 251 clients for children with multiple chronic conditions or serious emotional disturbance, only 3.5% were hospitalized, for a prevention rate of 96.5%.


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