A Vision for Tele-Visiting

The Child Center of NY has been providing therapy and other behavioral health services by licensed mental health professionals for more than six decades. In 2016, we joined with advocacy groups for incarceration-involved families to form A Vision for Tele-Visiting.

This groundbreaking program extends our services to children facing the incredible hardship of parental incarceration. We provide the logistical, emotional, and wraparound support that assists families in maintaining meaningful relationships during a parent’s or significant family member’s incarceration and preparing for a successful reentry into family and community life. We know that with the right support, children and parents who have been touched by familial incarceration can rise above the obstacles — both emotional and practical — and build a future full of promise.


Jamaica Family Wellness Center
163-18 Jamaica Avenue, 2nd Floor
Jamaica, NY 11432
Phone: 718-297-8000
Karen Mohammed, Clinical Supervisor karenmohammed@childcenterny.org
  • Services Provided: Regularly scheduled monthly tele-visits with incarcerated parent and/or significant family member; mental health support, including individual and family counseling; and wraparound services, such as job placement assistance and benefits counseling. Each tele-visiting session lasts for 45 minutes and is followed by a 15-minute session dedicated to processing the experience. Through our program, participants  have the opportunity for in-person visits with incarcerated parents at Bedford, Taconic, Rikers, and youth detention centers in NYC.
  • Ages: All ages accepted.
  • Admission Criteria: Children must live in New York State and be able to travel to our Jamaica site. They must have a parent or significant family member currently residing at one of the participating facilities in order to participate in the tele-visiting program; family support component is open to families with a parent or loved one residing at any correctional facility.

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