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Our extensive outreach over the last 16 years has really paid off. Children and adults flock to our doors, sometimes more than we can handle. We are committed to serving everyone who comes to us for help because we know that if we don’t they may not reach out again.

In order to continue to open our doors to all of these families, we must supplement our foundation and government funding with community contributions and involvement. Please join us as we work to ensure that every family in need is served. In addition to contributions, we are seeking individuals to join our Asian Outreach Committee, which helps us learn about the need of and involves members of the community in our work. To find out more about how you can get involved with Asian Advisory Committee please contact Seline Bearman at 718-988-9810 X217 or

A recent immigrant from Fujian Province is a victim of domestic violence…how does she protect herself and her child from her husband’s terrifying behavior? A college student is arrested for DWI…how does she tell her Korean-born parents that she is being treated for alcohol abuse? A Bombay-born small business owner loses his lease; his American-born son is in a gang and stealing so he can take cocaine with his gang member “friends.” Who can he turn to, worried about how to keep his family safe when his son flaunts his authority and lives in a new world with scary problems he doesn’t understand? Families experiencing these problems must be educated so that they do not feel ashamed to get the help they need, so that lives are not squandered.


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