How Your Gift Helps

The Child Center of NY is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our Federal Tax Identification Number is 11-1733454.

hygh3The Child Center of NY strengthens children and families with skills, opportunities, and emotional support to build healthy, successful lives. Your gift of any size is part of the fuel that drives our programming. Below are some examples of the impact you could have as a donor.

$7,000 Support a family in our intensive case management program, helping keep their child out of the hospital and strengthening the family dynamic in the home.
$5,000 Fund health case management for Head Start families with a nurse practitioner who can ensure children receive basic health care, monitor children’s development, and guide families in the treatment of ongoing medical conditions.
$1,500 Purchase a computer and printer for a therapist to more efficiently serve clients.
$1,200 Equip a Head Start classroom for preschoolers for one year with educational toys, reading material, arts and crafts supplies, and games.
$750 Provide sports equipment for an afterschool program for the year.
$500 Ensure a troubled teenager receives a month of counseling.
$150 Pay two weeks’ stipend for an internship for a teen in our work skills program.
$55 Buy two meals and a snack for five children who live below the poverty line and attend one of our daily Head Start programs.
$35 Provide transportation fare to enable an impoverished family to participate in our Early Head Start program for one week.

hygh1Please note that the descriptions of impact are symbolic of the result your giving will have for the children and families we serve. Your gift will be considered a contribution to the entire mission of The Child Center of NY and will be used where needed most to help impoverished and troubled children and their families.

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