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Photo of the Month: Ocean Bay Cornerstone, Loud and Clear

Deborah Hoyle of Ocean Bay Cornerstone Community CenterOcean Bay Cornerstone Community Center in Arverne has been organizing weekly food banks during the COVID-19 pandemic, a crisis that has exacerbated food insecurity. Here is Program Director Deborah Hoyle (and staff member Darryl Devore photo-bombing!) getting ready for the food distribution. As this photo demonstrates, we want to convey loud and clear that The Child Center is here for you during this unprecedented time, that it is a team effort, and we do this work with as much joy in our hearts as the moment allows.

Food distribution occurs at Ocean Bay Wednesdays at 1 p.m. No registration required. We welcome you to come by.

All of our Cornerstone Community Centers are distributing food to those who need it, including grab-and-go meals (calling ahead required) throughout the week. You can call the center nearest you for more information.

Tristan’s Story

Tristan, from Redfern Cornerstone Community CenterI struggle with math in school, and Mr. Hunter at the Redfern Cornerstone Community Center, where I go after school, helps me better understand my math problems. Mr. Hunter also helps me with focus, motivation, and becoming organized. He was able to explain things better for me to understand.

Before I started getting help at the center, I received a bad report card and was very disappointed. The staff in the center helped me understand the work and on the next report card not to fail and not to give up. Now I’m doing much better. I wish we had robotics here, but Mr. Hunter still teaches about history, science, money, and internet safety.

We don’t have much to do in Far Rockaway, and I come to the center to have fun plus see my friends. I like everything about the center! I like the computer lab, playing basketball games, dancing, and the staff. I don’t have a best part because I like everything. When the center was shut down, I did not have a place to go, so I stayed home with my grandmother after school.

I want to be a basketball player, wrestler, or scientist when I grow up. That’s why I like the science projects and goal-setting projects we do in Steps to Success at the center and the basketball games we go to.

The center is the place where you can be with your friends and call them family.

Join The Rockaways Community for a Peace March and Summit on February 24

Because Enough Is Enough

The whole nation, it seems, has been in mourning these past few weeks due to gun violence. Here in our own community of the Rockaways, the heartbreak has been intensely personal, as we have lost two 15-year-old boys, Trevor Rhudd and Youssef Soliman, in the past two months to senseless gun violence.

Parents, young people, and community members of all ages are coming together to say enough is enough. Continue reading

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