Give the gift of a fully stocked backpack to a child who needs one

As they return to in-person learning, our children need supplies and support in order to learn and thrive. You can make a difference in their lives and set them up for success.

Thank You to Our Backpack Drive Sponsors

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Our Backpack Drive on Spectrum News/NY1: Organization Seeks Donations for Annual NYC Backpack Drive

How to Help

Supply-filled Backpack for One Child
Buys a quality backpack filled with age-appropriate school supplies and books.
Backpacks for a Family
Funds backpacks and school supplies for a family with three children.
Backpacks for Children Overcoming Trauma
Provides backpacks for 7 young people whose families are overcoming trauma and building healthy, fulfilling futures.
Backpacks for Youth at our Afterschool Programs in Public Housing Developments
Backpacks for 14 young people at our afterschool programs in public housing developments.
Friend Sponsor
*supporter listing on our website*
Provides backpacks and school supplies for an entire classroom.
Scholar Sponsor
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Provides backpacks and school supplies for an entire elementary school grade.
Mentor Sponsor
*prominent logo on our website*
Provides backpacks and school supplies for an entire high school grade.
Community Builder
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Underwrites backpacks for an entire program.
Visionary Sponsor
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Provides backpacks for an entire Child Center division.

Thank you for supporting our children and families!

About The Child Center of NY’s 2021 Backpack and School Supply Drive

Back-to-school supplies cost nearly $100 per child in New York City. For kids and families who live at or near the poverty line, the first day of school can be overshadowed by the stress of not having the resources to purchase the proper school supplies. With your support, this doesn’t have to be their reality.

We are excited to partner with High Water Women and Sydney Paige to provide our students with quality backpacks and full sets of school supplies.

As our children return to the classroom, please help them start the school year on the right foot by sponsoring backpack and school supply kit(s) today! Every dollar you give goes toward providing a fully stocked backpack for a child in need.

Don’t miss The Child Center’s Senior Vice President Linda Rodriguez interviewed about our backpack drive on NY1 and NY1 Noticias!

See the impact of last year’s backpack drive in the blog post, “From Our Afterschool Families: Thank You for Supporting the Back-to-School Drive!

*Donation levels are representative of the impact of your gift.

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