Statement on Current COVID-19 Crises Around the World

The Child Center of NY, like the communities we come from and serve, is rich in diversity. We are proud that our team members and clients represent more than 30 cultures and speak over two dozen languages.  

The range of lived experiences we bring includes being recent immigrants, living across the world from loved ones during an unprecedented pandemic. We are also caregivers with a deep love for humanity. When devastating events are unfolding around us, they do not feel like tragedies in a faraway place. They impact us deeply as humans, and on a personal level, as many of us have family abroad in places suffering the most. The communities we see in the media that are currently being impacted are made up of our family and friends and people like us.   

As heartbreaking situations continue to unfold in India, Brazil, and other places across the globe, The Child Center stands with our staff and communities in solidarity and support.

Know you can contact our 24/7 mental health phone service, any time, at 718-830-5061, or you can stop in at a Child Center program in your community. 

Sonia Banks, SVP, Organizational Culture and Talent Development 

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB) Council
Reshma Baig, Associate VP, Youth Development
Talia Banks, Program Director, Parsons Community School
Lisa Glass, SVP, Human Resources
Tanya Krien, VP, Early Childhood Education, Administration and Operations
Monique Maitland, Program Director, Beacon at J.H.S. 226, Virgil Grissom Middle School 
Marie Mason, VP, Early Childhood Education, Programs and Curriculum 
Brigid Mitchel, VP, Development and Communications 
Telva Rivera, Program Director, Early Head Start Corona 
Lillian Rodriguez, Senior Program Director, Head Start / EarlyLearn Corona 
Linda Rodriguez, SVP, Behavioral Health and Early Childhood 
Saran Shields, Associate VP, Youth Development 
Anderson Sungmin Yoon, VP, Integrated and Value-Based Care 

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