Dads Take Your Child to School Day Takes Off at Escalera

maximilianoA new school year is a time of adapting to new environments and routines, which can be both challenging and exciting for young children. Every family member has a vital role in fostering a smooth transition into the school setting, helping little ones feel motivated to learn in a safe environment.

On Tuesday, September 20, Escalera Head Start families participated in  Dads Take Your Child to School Day, a state-wide initiative to engage male parents and caregivers in their children’s education. It was a true school community effort, as teachers, office workers, and kitchen staff worked diligently to organize the event, and fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and older brothers accompanied their 3- and 4-year-olds to their classrooms. The children showed their caregivers around and shared story time, songs, art activities, and breakfast with their dads, grandpas, uncles, and proud older brothers. The children were clearly delighted to show the special men in their lives how much they’d learned already.

One of those children was Maximiliano. Once the 3-year-old realized his dad was staying longer in the classroom, he sat down with him on the carpet and gave him a book for them to read together.

Father involvement in schools is associated with student improvement in academics, behavior, and social skills.

“The success of Dads Take Your Child to School Day shows us how willing fathers are to engage in their children’s experiences,” says Cristina Kuster-Miller, Director of Escalera. “It is our commitment to promote and facilitate their participation.”

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