David’s Story


David Song and Dr. Sung Min Yoon

My name is David Song, and I am 10 years old. I came to see Dr. Yoon because I was shy and did not talk to teachers and friends. I was fearful of talking to others outside of my parents and older sister at home. I was so scared that I could not say any single word when I was asked to make a presentation in front of class. I felt embarrassed. I just looked down the floor and wanted to cry. My self-esteem diminished, and I was upset every day. When my mother asked me to go to The Child Center of NY, I didn’t want to because I was uncomfortable. But my mother did not give up on me, and eventually I agreed to give it a try.
In session, Dr. Yoon asked me to say basic words. When I did well, he gave me marbles so that I could get rewarded with something special like toys or playing time. A few weeks after I started, he asked me to say “Hello” to counselors in the office and read a book aloud in the lobby. I did not want to do it, but Dr. Yoon and my mom encouraged me to. Another time, he took me to a playground and gave me a special mission to talk to kids there. Again I was shy and felt frustrated. As we practiced speaking together, slowly I was able to feel more comfortable with talking to those children.
Dr. Yoon gave me the ability to talk and helped me to feel brave enough to take on challenges. I am thankful to The Child Center of NY for his help. Since my sessions began, I have been much more confident in making friends and talking to teachers, and I now have three close friends in my class. I play with them every day. I was able to speak comfortably in front of a large group of grown-ups at a Child Center press conference – in fact, it was fun! — and I know I will become more and more relaxed with similar experiences in the future.

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