Supporter Spotlight: Garrett D’Alessandro

Like other driven individuals, for the first 20 years of Garrett D’Alessandro’s career, he was principally focused on achieving his career goals. Garrett has always been financially generous to charitable organizations, although he made little time to otherwise engage in his community.

Garrett, who is currently the CEO and President of City National Rochdale Investment Management, managing $27.8 billion in assets — had an epiphany; he became concerned that he was not being true to the example his parents had set. “My dad always said, ‘We have to help others,’” he explained. “My mom wished he spent more time with the family, but she wouldn’t have had it, or him, any other way. That lifelong demonstration made me realize it is important to give of yourself to community well-being.”

When Garrett was ready to follow in his parents’ footsteps, he searched for an organization dedicated to family, education, and community — and came upon The Child Center of NY.  As the Vice President of the Board of Directors, Garrett continues to support the agency financially, and in his role on the Board contributes leadership, business acumen, and lives up to the example set by his parents: an abiding spirit of generosity.

“I’m proud to be affiliated with an agency that helps not just the child, but the whole family, live up to its potential by offering the right education, counseling, and support,” said Garrett. “In my work, I help people make good investments. Frankly, supporting The Child Center is about as failsafe an investment you can make.”


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