Fun Friday: PAW’s Got Talent

Want to know how much fun you could be having at work? Check out this “PAW’s Got Talent” flyer for our afterschool program at the Preparatory Academy for Writers PAW Jam performance showcase. Our youth development staff at the program decided to have a laugh and photoshopped their faces onto an image of “America’s Got Talent” judges — and the youth participants loved it!

pictured from left to right:
Christopher Thompson, Media & Music Production
Vanessa Hazzard, Assistant Director
Charles Anderson, Principal, Preparatory Academy for Writers
Jessica Behr, Education Coordinator
Carolyn Johnson, Program Director

Child Center team members Mr. Chris, Ms. Hazzard, Ms. Behr, and Ms. Johnson have all been with the program for at least five years, a testament to the fact that The Child Center is more than an agency. We’re a community. According to Ms. Johnson, “Our favorite part of our workday at PAW is teaching our participants to perform, compete and have fun.  We all love seeing the joy of accomplishment and success on our PAW Patrol Participants.”

You can be a part of a youth development team like this and fill your days with laughter! Please find your perfect position at and apply today!

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