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Food drive at P.S. 156 Waverly School of the Arts in Brownsville, Brooklyn

Champions on the ground for asylum-seeking families in Brooklyn

Food drive at P.S. 156 Waverly School of the Arts in Brownsville, Brooklyn

Desiree (far left) and her team serving the community at P.S. 156 Waverly School of the Arts

When you give a gift of support to The Child Center of NY, you are supporting changemakers like Desiree at P.S. 156 Waverly in Brownsville, Brooklyn, who is hard at work meeting the needs of an influx of children from asylum-seeking families. Because of champions like Desiree, who is from an immigrant family herself, The Child Center is uniquely positioned to support these children and their families in all the ways that matter.

Desiree and her team are playing a key role in an initiative the assistant principal dubbed Operation Broken Crayons. “Assistant Principal Darko, a.k.a., Miss Gigi, is a former kindergarten teacher,” Desiree explains. “She would tell her students that even if crayons are broken, they still can color. This resonates with our asylum-seeking families. These people may have been broken down by the things that have happened to them. But they still have value. Their lives still have value.

Desiree and her team planned a week of distribution of vital supplies and information through Operation Broken Crayons. For instance, Tuesday’s food drive featured a lesson on the English names of common foods. During the delivery of hygiene products on Wednesday, a nurse discussed vaccinations. Additionally, families were informed about mental health resources on “Therapy Thursday” by the guidance counselor and social workers. Incredibly, Desiree and her staff are helping children and their families feel safe and even joyful during a highly difficult time by making efforts like these.

The Child Center will continue to be with these children and families every step of the way, but we need your help. 

Every day in neighborhoods across NYC, Child Center team members like Desiree are our champions on the ground. When you give to The Child Center, your gift makes a significant impact on families facing some of the toughest circumstances. Please give the gift of support today and help more than 55,000 families build the kind of future we want for all our children.

Thank you for your partnership!

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