Join Our 2019 Backpack Drive!

Give the gift of a fully stocked backpack to a child who needs one.

Dear Friends:
Imagine being a child and stepping into your classroom on the first day of school without the required supplies because your family can’t afford them. It’s a reality for a heartbreaking number of Child Center families, but with just $20, you can change that for a child right now.

Over the last five years, High Water Women and other partners have provided 4,900 backpacks and school supplies to families who work hard but still live in poverty. They just cannot afford the $85 that a family typically spends on each child for school supplies. (If you’re a parent, you’ve probably been sent reeling from that back-to-school receipt yourself.) These backpacks and school supply donations are essential for our clients to start their school year on the right foot.

We hope to receive about 150 fully supplied backpacks through High Water Women’s donor networks and have partnered with them to raise funds to purchase 1,192 more at $20 each. That’s where you come in. A donation of just $20 will provide a fully stocked backpack for one child. $200 will buy 10 stocked backpacks (worth over $800). The Child Center serves more than 37,000 children and families each year, and the backpacks will go to those most in need. Please donate today, and save children the worry of whether or not they will have a backpack on the first day of school. Every dollar you give will be used to purchase the backpacks, and every $20 you give means one more child will walk into school not with shame, but with confidence. 

Traci Donnelly
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. 100% of your gift will go toward buying school supplies and backpacks for those most in need. Your act of kindness will put a big smile on the face of a child like Matthew, pictured above, and get him excited about school!

P.P.S. We will happily work with you to promote your gift on social media and/or with a PR event to increase awareness — so that more kids will benefit.

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