Multisystemic Therapy: Doing Whatever It Takes to Help Teens

Multisystemic TherapyMultisystemic Therapy (MST) Services, an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of criminal behavior, announced the latest “Whatever It Takes” Winners, and we’re proud they recognized the dedication of two Child Center team members, Keecha McKinnon and Mariana Peralta.

Multisystemic therapists support young people ages 12 to 17 who have a long history of arrests by addressing all environmental systems that impact them—their homes and families, schools and teachers, neighborhood and friends.

Keecha has been a multisystemic therapist with The Child Center for three years. She is known for going out of her way to accommodate and go the extra mile to provide care to teens. Often described by her clients as genuine and extremely nurturing, she has been especially successful at connecting with the male population.

Mariana is a bilingual MST therapist. Her Spanish fluency and cultural knowledge allow her to connect with clients on a deeper level. She has a particular knack for helping young girls, who are often perceived as “intense” cases. But Mariana has proven very effective at helping girls experiencing difficulties to change their behavior—even if it means traveling a great distance to meet them. Although Mariana is no longer with The Child Center, she has made a lasting impact on countless families.

MST, an evidence-based treatment model aiming to keep kids at home and in school, necessitates a high level of care. Therapists meet with families where they are, in their space (school, church, a bodega, a social outlet, anywhere) at least two to three times per week and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means if a teen or family has a crisis at three in the morning, their therapist is there for them.

Each quarter, MST Services recognizes individuals, teams, and friends who go above and beyond to impact their communities. This means going above and beyond already rigorous work, which is why we’re so proud of Keecha, Mariana, and all the winners for receiving this honor—and for doing whatever it takes to make a difference in teens’ lives.

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