Photo of the Month: A Tribute for Social Work Month

If anyone ever had any doubt about the difference a social worker can make in a life, this testimony will erase it. This is a letter that 16-year-old school-based mental health client Kayla handwrote about her social worker, Anita Sanehi, LCSW. In her own words, Kayla describes how transformative and healing her experience has been. As we close out Social Work Month 2023, we are proud to salute Anita and all the social workers who are the heart and soul of what we do here at The Child Center of NY.

Here is a transcript of Kayla’s letter:

On October 17th of 2020 my sister had passed away which was the worst day of my life. The feeling your whole world had crumbl[ed]. I couldn’t even recognize myself. I couldn’t commit to school and failing all my classes. [I] didn’t care about my future and all I wanted to do was be with my sister. I felt that I didn’t deserve to be here and it should have been me and not her. My mom thought I needed help and next thing I know I’m at the wellness center at my school. When first introduced to Mrs. Anita I was a little bit happy because I always wanted someone to talk to. I needed someone to talk to. Mrs. Anita was very understanding and nice. She showed me ways to cope with my irrational thoughts and self harm. Even though sometimes I forgot to use it. She was still always there to help me and never not once judge me for anything. She was the only person I could turn to when I needed help and she was always there. It’s gonna be almost 3 years since I’ve been attending and I have gotten a lot better. I still have irrational thoughts but everyone does. I just learned how to deal with them. And I know those thoughts don’t make me who I am as a person. I wish everyone can have a Mrs. Anita in they’re [sic] lives. Someone to show them your [sic] not alone and everything is going to be okay. Also she [is] very hilarious. I could never be sad around her because she always making me laugh with her jokes and funny voice overs.

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