Sound Bite: Delia Azcona on Working Across Barriers

As a case planner with the Family Treatment and Rehabilitation Program at the Elmhurst Family Center for the past year, Delia Azcona has been putting her master’s degree in social work and her past experience working in a domestic violence shelter to good use. Her cultural savvy and language skills have made her the embodiment of The Child Center’s mission to “appreciate the nuances” among diverse communities and neighborhoods.

“Helping my clients to understand what resources are available to them and reassuring them that I am there purely to offer support has made my job so fulfilling,” says Azcona, who serves 13 families predominantly of Latino heritage. Program Director Yolanda Vega says that “Delia’s multifaceted engagement with these clients enables their trust, keeps children safe, and allows parents to be their best.”

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