Sound Bite: Saran Shields Earns 2019 Russell L. Carson Visionary Award

Saran Shields, Russell Carson Award winner

Saran Shields, Russell Carson Award winnerThanks to generous supporter Russ Carson, The Child Center is able to honor an outstanding employee every year at our annual gala. The award is presented to a staff member who goes above and beyond for clients and epitomizes The Child Center’s innovative approach — qualities that perfectly describe Saran Shields. As Senior Program Director and Community School Director at August Martin High School, Shields and her team helped AMHS’s 24 percent graduation rate shoot to 73 percent in three years. In addition to crafting overall strategy, Shields works directly with students, knowing their names before they walk through her door, making home visits, participating in meetings with scholars and their families, and personally seeing to it that each one has what he or she needs to graduate and begin a bright new chapter. She also manages internship programs at AMHS and our community school programs at P.S. 197 and M.S. 72. Above and beyond, indeed!

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