Spotlight: Maalika Rastogi


Maalika Rastogi The Child Center Board of Directors since 2010 and Asian Outreach Advisory Board Chair since 2006

I believe strongly in giving back to the communities I come from. The Child Center of NY allows me to do so on two levels. My work with The Child Center enables me to give back to the geographic community where I was raised and the cultural community with which I identify.

As a first-generation Indian-American who grew up in Forest Hills, Queens, I was lucky to have grown up in a close-knit family, well adjusted to life in America. I did not experience the kind of economic, social or cultural challenges that many new Asian immigrant children and families are currently experiencing.

Unfortunately, others who grew up like me don’t even realize that such problems exist in our community. And in general, there tends to be a large misconception about Asian Americans —that we are all over-achievers, and doing just fine — but the reality is changing. I felt that it was important to bring attention to the struggles of low-income, at-risk Asian immigrant children, and the important work The Child Center of NY is doing to help these children and their families get their lives back on track. The Child Center is the only agency of its kind that has built both the trust and cultural expertise required to serve the diverse Asian immigrant community in the greater NY area.

Anyone who believes that every child deserves a fair chance to succeed in life, should learn more about The Child Center and see how he or she can get involved and support the cause.

I find it extremely rewarding to hear the turnaround stories of children who were severely struggling in school, deemed lost causes at home, or being abused by their parents, and to know that my work and support has contributed to such positive change.

The Asian Outreach Advisory Board, which I chair, is always looking for talented, passionate and energetic new members. Our focus is to fundraise for and increase awareness about The Child Center and its Asian Outreach program.

To get involved, please contact me at

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