Supporter Spotlight: Barbara Deli, M.D.

Barbara Delhi, M.D.

A Hands-On Approach

Barbara Deli has spent more than 15 years as an OB-GYN working with lower income and uninsured women and families, most recently at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Medical Center. A few years ago, after having twin boys Joe and Marcus, she decided she wanted to work less but find other meaningful ways to help this population. Her husband had found boards to join through the Robin Hood Foundation, so she sought recommendations and soon arrived at The Child Center of NY. “My job gives me a window into people’s everyday life struggles but sometimes leaves me a bit removed from impacting them,” says Deli. “The Child Center gets to the core of issues that really affect these families’ health and happiness in a way that working in a hospital clinic cannot.”

A highly participatory and generous member of the board, Deli appreciates most the “hands-on” work of the agency. She regularly attends incident review committee meetings focused on clients in Behavioral Health programs. “It helps to have a medical perspective at those,” she says.

“That’s the part that has always connected me most to The Child Center,” Deli elaborates. “I’m an in-the-weeds kind of person, so having a bird’s eye view of the therapists’ and clients’ experiences makes me feel like I can actually make a substantive contribution.” Even though she rarely misses a board meeting, she admits with a chuckle, “They’re too dry for me — but I can’t stand to miss them in case something big happens!”

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