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Eudora’s Story

Eudora is a participant of The Child Center of NY’s Cash+Community Works (C+C), a groundbreaking neighborhood-based initiative that invests in under-resourced families, trusts them with power, and connects them with peers so they all can rise together. C+C works on the premise that families are the experts on what they need to achieve their goals, and our job is to act as investors, advocates, and partners.

At The Child Center’s 70th anniversary gala, Eudora spoke powerfully about her experience as a promising entrepreneur. Watch the above clip to see how she was able to start a marketable business through C+C—and pay it forward.

Supporter Spotlight: Ming Szeto

Ming Szeto and his family
Ming Szeto and his family

Ming Szeto with his daughter (left) and wife (center)

The Child Center of NY is fortunate to have supporters who feel a special connection to The Child Center based on a variety of factors, from their own childhood to their confidence in our results-based approach — and, always, their belief in our guiding principle: that every family and community deserves access to the skills, opportunities, and emotional support they need to build healthy, successful futures. In this Q&A, supporter Ming Szeto, president of US Pacific Transport, talks about how and why he has become one of The Child Center’s most dedicated supporters. Continue reading

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