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Join Us! Race, Culture, and the Helping Professions Recruitment Conference

Join us on Monday, November 30, 5:00 – 6:30 pm for virtual workshops that explore Race, Culture, and the Helping Professions. Meet our CEO Traci Donnelly and speak directly with Hiring Managers from our Behavioral Health, Youth Development, Prevention, and Early Childhood Education divisions.

Register for one of the following workshops at bit.ly/SW-Conference.

To schedule an interview with a Hiring Manager, email careers@childcenterny.org.

Workshop #1: Tools for Self-Care and Resiliency for the Service Provider Working Remotely in times of Uncertainty and Stress  

Facilitated by Kena Acuña, MPH, ACC

This workshop will offer service providers tools for increasing self-awareness, clear thinking and a greater ability to provide treatment under pressure. Drawing from Internal Family Systems methodology, mindfulness, and somatic practices, helping professionals will learn and practice skills to:

  • Enhance personal well-being that fortifies how you care
  • Connect with your your compassion and confidence — your performance sweet spot
  • Connect more effectively with those with whom you interact and care for
  • Practice gentle ways to deal with triggers that can challenge clear thinking
  • Activate your power to support you through the holidays

Kena Acuña, MPHE, ACC, provides training to NYC educators on restorative circles and practices and Social Emotional Learning, with Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility. She has led numerous workshops on practice and skills for stress and anxiety management during times of national crisis, in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. During 2020, she has been providing virtual support on practices and skills to address the emotional toll of COVID-19 and the moment of racial reckoning.  She has also been providing workshops to organizers in Chile during moments of political change. Kena is an affiliate of the Interaction Institute for Social Change.

Workshop #2:  The Impact of Migration on Our Resolve, Resiliency, and Relationships

Facilitated by Dr. Daniel G. Groody

This workshop will explore both historical and contemporary understanding of our collective and cultural journey of migration and its transformative impact on humanity.

Dr. Daniel G. Groody is the vice president and associate provost for the University of Notre Dame, where he also serves as a university Fellow and Trustee. He is a Kellogg Institute faculty fellow and former director of the Global Leadership Program within the Institute. Dr. Groody draws on years of work on international migration and refugee issues. He is also the executive producer of several internationally acclaimed films and documentaries, including Dying to Live: A Migrant’s Journey. He teaches the courses “The Heart’s Desire and Social Change,” “Theology of Migration,” and he lectures widely around the world. Dr. Groody has worked with the U.S. Congress, the Vatican, and the United Nations on issues of theology, globalization, migration, and refugees.

Staff Spotlight: Bianca Ernest

Bianca Ernest, Certified Medical Biller

Bianca is a key Administration staff member in our behind-the-scenes but incredibly important Billing Department, helping to keep up with claims so that the whole agency can function like a well-oiled machine.

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Staff Spotlight: Diane Valente

Diane Valente, LCSW, Assistant Director of The Child Center of NY’s Woodside Clinic

At The Child Center of NY, we want the children we serve to have the support they need to lead fulfilling lives. That means offering them an array of programs that nurture them wholly, despite any setbacks due to poverty, language barriers, or behavioral health. It means being there for kids whose families or cultures have a hard time accepting them for who they naturally are.

Providing safe and nurturing environments in which children can speak openly with peers about the challenges they face is an important part of who we are, so at our clinics, we try to create opportunities for group therapy as well as individualized counseling. Safe Space groups are often the only method by which young LGBTQ clients can learn to cope with the difficulties they face and develop much-needed resiliency to ensure a brighter future. The Child Center employs experienced, culturally competent behavioral health staff to run these groups and often to work closely with parents of participants to ease their transition from therapy to home life.

We recently spoke with Diane Valente, LCSW, Assistant Director at our Woodside Clinic, who created and manages several support groups there.

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Staff Spotlight: Anderson Sungmin Yoon

Dr. Anderson Sungmin Yoon, DSW, LCSW-R, came to The Child Center of NY in 2003 as a program manager and behavioral health specialist, serving in a variety of capacities — culminating in Dr. Yoon being named the Vice President of Integrated and Value-Based Care last summer. 

Dr. Yoon’s latest project — creating a Family Assessment tool to measure outcomes and connect clients with the full range of services available to them — has been a labor of love, and the accolades for such revolutionary work continue to build. Mayor Bill de Blasio recently appointed Dr. Yoon as a member of The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Substance Abuse Subcommittee and the Municipal Drug Strategy Advisory Council, and in June 2018 Dr. Yoon will join Harvard Medical School’s Global Clinical Scholars Research Training Program. Continue reading

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