Tiffany’s Story


When I was 15 years old, I was tired of dealing with reality. I wanted to forget everything I ever felt. I was raped at age 11 by an older boy in a gang. That was the start of the journey where I would begin to isolate myself. The way I would escape from the world would be to drink and smoke until I was no longer myself.

“I was trapped in a world full of darkness. I am just so happy that The Child Center was there to shed light. If I had never gotten the help I needed I would probably have either ended up dead or in jail. I would have definitely dropped out of high school. My relationship with other people would still be horrible. My parents would be disappointed in me. I would still have friends who were toxic to me.”

There was one person I felt I could confide in and it was my social studies teacher. She suggested that I go and get help and that was when I got referred to The Child Center of NY. It was the start of my life actually changing for the better until I had to get parent consent. My Mom and I never really had a wonderful relationship so I thought if I told her I was going for help she would say no and probably ground me. I was in shock that when I told my mother, she supported me. I want to thank my mom for letting me be able to grow in an environment where everybody has nothing but my best interest at heart.

When I first met my therapist, we just had that instant connection. She just has an aura that lifts people’s spirits up no matter how you are feeling. I felt that I could always confide in her. She became my best friend. Because of her I was inspired to do more with myself and make not only her but everyone who helped me along the way proud of me. She changed my life forever and because of her I am forever grateful to The Child Center of NY. I am still getting therapy and a freshman in college.

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