Getting in the Spirit of College

Getting Ready for CollegeBanners, school songs, mascots: Kids at the Beacon Center at MS226 invented all of these to stage a mock “homecoming” recently.

According to site director Angelika Peacock, this is just a small step at getting college into the kids’ psyche.

“Kids in this neighborhood don’t picture themselves at college,” says program director Angelika Peacock. “Most don’t even know anyone who has gone to college. This is just a fun activity. But it’s part of a much bigger effort to get kids thinking seriously about their futures.”

For the last two years, The Child Center’s youth development programs have been on a major push to prepare kids for college. Beginning in middle school, students can get tutoring to improve grades, go on college visits, take “college knowledge” electives, and get opportunities for volunteer work and internships that build resumes and skills.

Says associate director of youth development Amanda Etienne, “We want them to know that they can go where their ambitions take them.”

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