Preparing for 21st Century Jobs

21st Century Jobs“All the boys wanted to build websites about sneakers and basketball,” laughs Adrianna Rodriguez, a youth counselor and tech whiz, who recently taught a class on computer coding at our Parsons Beacon Center.

While sneakers might have gotten the kids interested in making a website, only hard work made it happen. “Coding really
taught them attention to detail,” said Adrianna, an undergraduate at Devry University, who grew up in Jamaica, Queens. “If one line was messed up, the whole thing wouldn’t work.”

Seeing the end result got them hooked. Soon, the kids were trying to squeeze in extra hours to finish their work. Classes like these help provide a valuable career path to the fast-growing technology industry and its high-paying jobs—jobs that these kids probably wouldn’t know about otherwise.

“These classes expose kids to new career paths,” said site director Oswald Araujo, who plans to make coding workshops a permanent feature at the Beacon. “There are high paying jobs in the tech industry, and that is important for them to know.”

See the kids’ website online at

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